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Civil society directory

The database is available online (in Romanian) on the portal StiriONG.ro, a constant resource of information and news for the nonprofit and business environment, donors, citizens, public administration.

Civic Innovation Fund

The Civic Innovation Fund (CIF) is a programme developed by FDSC. It aims at supporting innovative civic initiatives and actions of NGOs in Romania, accountability and active participation of citizens so as to contribute to the development of the community.

Institute of Social Economy

The Institute of Social Economy (IES) is a program of FDSC initiated and developed within the project "PROMETEUS - Promoting social economy in Romania through research, education and training at European standards".


ONGFest – the Romanian National Fair of Non-Governmental Organisations is the most important outdoor event of the Romanian civil society. Its aim is to increase the number of citizens actively engaged in the community, to develop the associative culture and to enhance Romanian NGOs’ involvement in the society.

E-learning platform

The first Romanian service of its kind dedicated to representatives of nongovernmental organisations. The platform is developed by FDSC with the financial support of the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe.

All to the NGO power

The Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF) is an independent, non–governmental organisation, established in 1994, following an initiative of the European Commission. CSDF is an “organisation for organisations”, sharing the belief that the very development of non–governmental organisations is an indicator of the progress of communities and citizens.

CSDF's growth has been certainly connected to the changing needs of the Romanian non–governmental organisations (NGOs): in the first half of the 1990s, we catered to the immediate need for funding of the emerging national NGO sector, through grant programs, while later on we gradually added new programs and services designed to meet specific needs identified in every development stage of the non–governmental sector.

Reaching out to other categories of stakeholders and target groups, which had become more and more relevant for the overall development of the civil society, CSDF is currently pursuing its mission by providing services not only to NGOs, but also to public administration, the business sector, journalists, academia. Our grant programs, information services, consultancy and training, as well as advocacy, coalition and platform building program are interconnected and with a mutual added valued. That is what makes us different and comprehensive in its approach on the development of the civil society.



A strong and influential civil society, with responsible and involved citizens who are promoting their interests and values for the best interest of their community.



CSDF’s mission is to develop the capacity of civil society organisations to act efficiently for the benefit of communities.


Our VALUES are:

  • civic involvement
  • orientation to performance
  • integrity
  • teamwork
  • perseverance
  • transparency
  • respect for diversity



  • Providing services related to: technical assistance, consultancy and training, advocacy, information, high quality research, always tailored to the needs of civil society  organisations, in order to increase the impact of their activities in the community;
  • Representing the non–governmental sector’s interests towards other sectors of the society;

  • Increasing the visibility of the non–governmental sector’s work and values.


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